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Why Cannabis Aren’t As Bad As You Think

The Top Interesting Facts about the Different Types of Marijuana

Since we are living in the age of the legalization of cannabis, there are more opportunities to explore the different types of marijuana. Most medical and recreational marijuana stores sell many strains of marijuana, but this number cannot be compared to the many more marijuana strains that you do not know about, that have been developed around the world. This article is going to be useful to you because you’re going to read more about some of the interesting facts about the different types of marijuana.

You will be struck to know that historically, there was no string the transition between the Indica and sativa strains like today where most marijuana users agree that each of these strains has distinctive traits. Another top fact about the different types of marijuana is that sativa plants are the most popular strains of marijuana because they have a pleasant feeling and many people believe it can improve their creativity. The other top fact about marijuana is that the sativa plants can reach a height of up to 15 feet and they flower slowly causing low yields. A top fact about the different steps of marijuana is that the Indica plants are usually short and bushy and grow between three and six feet tall which makes them ideal for indoor growing. An interesting fact about the different types of marijuana is that the Indica bud is stickier than sativa and it will be great for making wax and other concentrates of marijuana.

You should also know that hashish which is very common in the Middle Eastern countries is a marijuana concentrate that is mainly made from Indica strains. Another fun fact about the different steps of marijuana is that Indica strains can act as sedatives and can be used for the medicinal purposes because they have very strong intoxicating effects. There is another little-known category of marijuana strength that is known as the cannabis ruderalis that is grown in the northern climates and is generally used in making genetic materials that make plants heartier. Another top fact about marijuana strains is that industrial hemp, which is very useful in creating ropes, fibers, and other items, has been in use for about 10,000 years. The other interesting fact about the different types of marijuana is that there are many hybrids of cannabis that are creating limitless possibilities for creating new strains. The cannabis breeding has led to new strains of marijuana that are more capable of surviving in extreme environments and also resistant to certain diseases common among other strains of marijuana. To find more interesting information about the various types of marijuana, click here.